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6 Event Planning Lessons We Can Take From Wimbledon

Wimbledon is back – and in full swing – to brighten up our British summer.
Long queues, suspect weather, strawberry’s & cream, jugs of Pimms, not to mention the dazzling spectacle of the tennis bringing us heartbreak and heroes. It’s an iconically British event, but how can we event organisers learn from the things that make Wimbledon the success it is?
The British are famous for loving a good queue! So much so, that at Wimbledon you even have to queue for the main queue. Sure, you could use RFID technology or mobile entry management apps, but sometimes having a knees up outside the event is part  of the experience! The lesson? If you’re going to have queues, make ‘em fun.

Goodbye to the @Wimbledon Q We’ve had fun watching around 30,000 people join the queue. Thank you stewards #FunTimes
— Laura Tobin (@Lauratobin1) July 6, 2016

Wimbledon is as synonymous with terrible British weather as Glastonbury is, so every organiser could take a leaf out of their book and plan for the worst, while hoping for the best (and taking full advantage of it).

Food and drink
Pimms, bubbles, strawberries and cream…the British love a posh picnic (especially one made-up of at least 50% of booze), and between acts, eating and drinking can become the main event. The lesson? Always provide great tucker and a well-stocked bar.

An underdog story

The British bulldog spirit revels in seeing underdogs outperform against expectations (unless they’re beating our own football team…), and Wimbledon almost never fails to deliver. The take-away for your events? Whether you have a break-out stage for new talent, or slots for less-well known speakers, leaving room for the ‘next big thing’ is almost always appreciated. #WillBomb

Marcus Willis might well remember this shot for the rest of his life! #Wimbledon
We’re on @BBCRedButton, 11:00 BST
— BBC Tennis (@bbctennis) June 30, 2016

The big draw
We may root for an underdog, but we pay to the see Top Dog. Wimbledon has an incredible array of stars that people pay to see year-in, year-out, and when at their sublime best, they’re worth every penny. Make sure you’ve also got the headline act and reliable keynote that will deliver for you. C’mon Andy!

Variety is the spice of life, and Wimbledon is always surrounded by fashion (both spectators and players provide talking points), decorum and etiquette (both on and off court), the incredible efficiency of the ball boys and girls, and what’s being said on social media. Taken together it makes the 2 weeks an exciting experience with many layers. The lesson? It’s the details and little touches that can help make your event stand apart (and if you can get David Beckham to turn up, all the better).

Why do you love about Wimbledon? Share your top take-aways with us in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn! 
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