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Event Industry News Round-Up: 11 July – 14 July

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend.
Once again we are helping you ease back into the working week with a round-up of last week’s main event industry news, including any interesting stories and insights that can help you improve yourself, your company, or your events.
Event Industry News
UK festival ticket prices have risen by 23,000% since they first began [Music News]

The statistic says it all! Festivals have grown bigger and better, and with it, so has the price. In this article you’ll find a great infographic picking out some statistics from some of the UK’s largest festivals, including % increase in ticket price, number of attendees, and how many more acts they have performing.
Sony Pictures stages Ghostbusters PR stunt at London Waterloo [Event Magazine]

Commuters received a surprise last week when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man broke through Waterloo station. Visitors had the chance to buy limited edition Odeon tickets and souvenir tins, as well as ghostly goods at a pop-up Ghostbusters retail unit, which has been built to look like a New York Subway entrance. This is a great example of  some of the experiential campaigns that have featured at the station.
Number of Deaf & Disabled Fans Attending Music Events in The UK Grows [Billboard]

The number of deaf and disabled fans attending live music events in the U.K. is on the rise. In 2015, almost 144,000 concert tickets were sold to disabled patrons, up 26 percent on the previous year’s total, according to music charity Attitude is Everything, which analysed box office data from over 100 U.K. music venues and festivals.
5 Need-to-Know Excel Tips for Event Managers [Eventbrite UK]

Whether you struggle with Excel, or are looking to improve your skills, we’ve got some great tips for you. These need-to-know formulas and tips will have you getting a lot more from your data, and help you learn more about your events and your attendees.
The 4 Mistakes Most Managers Make with Analytics [Harvard Business Review]

As well as Excel, learning how to use analytics correctly can make a huge difference to how much you learn about your event and your attendees. A word of caution, whilst information is a godsend, taking that information out of context and acting on it, can damage your business. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

How to Create Compelling Graphics without any Design Skills Whatsoever [Inc]

Looking for some create design pieces but not the price tag that comes with hiring a designer? Then check out this post which shows you different pieces of software you can use, to create amazing graphics and design without any design skills whatsoever.
10 notable digital marketing stats of the week [Econsultancy]

A weekly round-up, within a weekly round-up! How meta of us! We couldn’t ignore adding this post as it highlights some of the key figures from last week including ad spend, Pokemon Go and Amazon Prime Day stats.
What “Memories” Really Means for Snapchat and Marketers [Simply Measured]

The world of Snapchat is ever changing,  and due to this, it has has caught the attention of many marketers looking to take a slice of the consumer pie. Snapchat has recently added ‘memories’ to its repertoire, so the question is, how can marketers use this feature to their advantage? Find out here.
What Does the Future of Facebook Advertising Look Like? [Hubspot]

Facebook Advertising is a great tool to use…if you know how to use it. Luckily for us, Hubspot have created this post to show us some of the latest trends in how people are using Facebook Advertising, to better reach the right audience.
And in other news….
Nintendo is re-releasing the NES [Digital Spy]

In last week’s weekly update we spoke about Pokemon Go, in this one we have another Nintendo launch to announce; the relaunch of the Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the NES. It seems Nintendo are really cashing in on nostalgia this year! This can be seen as a lesson to eventprofs on just how you can attract people to events, or create events specifically targeting people’s nostalgic ways.
What news did you find most useful (or interesting) last week? Share them in the comments below!
Source: Eventbrite

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