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Event Industry News Round-Up: 4 July – 11 July

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend.
Once again we are helping you ease back into the working week with a round-up of last week’s main event industry news, including any interesting stories and insights that can help you improve yourself, your company, or your events.
Event Industry News
European Tour partner with Eventbrite
A big announcement that we’ve had to keep under our hats for a while is in regards our new partnership with European Tour. In 2016, the European Tour hosts 47 professional golf tournaments in 27 countries on the Race to Dubai and its new partnership with Eventbrite will make it easy for golf fans to buy all types of tickets.
5 Ways Venues Can Benefit From Facebook Bluetooth Beacons [Event Manager Blog]

Facebook Bluetooth Beacons trigger information from your Facebook page directly into your attendee’s news feed. Find out from Event Manager Blog all you need to know about Facebook bluetooth beacons and how venues and planners can benefit from using them.
6 Steps To Qualifying Your Event Clients [Event Planning Blueprint] After a bad experience with an event client, the writer of this post decided it was time to qualify them to avoid any future bad experiences. If you yourself are an event client, this post will help show you what event planners are thinking when considering to take you on as a client.
7 Things The Boss From Hell Did Wrong (While I Watched With Horror) []

We see a lot of posts showing you how to be a great leader, well this post shows you the exact opposite in an example of a person’s experience with dealing with a boss from hell. Find out the 7 mistakes this leader made and learn from his failures.
9 Negative Thoughts Holding Back You and Your Events [Eventbrite UK Blog]

The saying goes that the only person holding you back is yourself. We can live in our heads to much and create false realities, where things aren’t as bad as we dream them up to be. In this post we highlight the key thoughts event planners face and how you can confront them.

Budweiser offering every single Welsh person a free beer today [Wow 24/7]

Marketers around the world are nodding their heads in approval as Budweiser pull off this great piece of PR. As Wales got through to the semi-finals, Budweiser announced that they were giving everyone in Wales over the age of 18 a free beer to celebrate. We’ll drink to that!
How Real Brands Are Retaining Customers: 8 Strategies From Starbucks, Amazon & More [Hubspot]

Attracting people to buy from you can be the easy part, but then how to you get them coming back and buying more? In this post from Hubspot, we find out how some of the big companies are doing this.
Go Time: Eight Ways to Engage Commuters [eventmarketer]

Reaching consumers is never an easy task, especially as people are bombarded by adverts, messages, social media posts to name a few! So why not reach people during a big part of people’s down time; the commute. This is a time where people are seeking some form of entertainment or information to get them through the drudge of commuting. Here are 8 examples of how companies have engaged with commuters.
And in other news…
Pokémon GO is live (albeit in certain locations only) []

If you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go yet, this is an app that utilises a persons location and requires them to walk around their neighbourhood to hunt for Pokemon. Once encountering a Pokemon, Augmented reality technology is used to place the Pokemon within your environment. This is in no way a new thing as Niantic had previously created Ingress, which follows a very similar premise. It’s the popularity and sheer number of fans of Pokemon that has driven the excitement behind this project, and now that it’s finally released, we’re going to hear a lot more about it in the upcoming weeks.

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