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Now You’re Cooking! 7 Key Ingredients For The Success of Your Next Event

This infographic is for all the epicurean event managers out there who appreciate what goes into the making of fine food, drink…and of course events!

And for those of you who’d prefer text…
Like a great dinner party, every event starts out with a clear vision of who it’s for, why it’s different and how you can deliver a memorable experience.
Grand visions are one thing, but without an eye for detail, and contingencies for when things inevitably go wrong, your event may be more dogs dinner than delightful dish.
Running events without technology is like cooking with your hands tied. Free yourself from manual, repetitive tasks by adopting best in class technology to help you with ticketing, registrations, promotion and much more.

Great chefs always surround themselves with great teams. Whether it’s a supportive partner, sponsors, volunteers, or suppliers…you need help to serve up impeccable events.
Weighing scales, thermometers, measuring jugs – they’re essential to any cook; and so it is with event planning. You need to collect and analyse data to ensure your events rise to the occasion.
Hard work
If you can’t stand the heat…nobody claims that world-class events are easy to pull-off, so be prepared to put some elbow grease in to realise your vision.
This is often overlooked, but sometimes a sprinkling of luck is the difference between a bland dish and a sublime one. (Of course there’s often a strong correlation between enjoying some luck and how much strategy, planning, and hard work you do.)
What ingredients go into the success of your events? Let us know in the comments!
Source: Eventbrite

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