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Show Don’t Tell: The Event Professional’s Guide To Video Marketing

Are you always looking for the most effective ways to engage your potential attendees, show the value of your event and increase ticket sales?
Usurv, a UK-based survey company, surveyed 1000 UK adults and found consumers are more likely to share (39%), comment (36%), and like (56%) online videos than blocks of text, even if they contain the same information.
And isn’t that exactly what you want from prospective attendees – to engage with your brand, talk about your event, share your content, and ultimately buy a ticket?
In this comprehensive guide, created in partnership with COS Rent4Events, you will discover how to establish your presence on 3 of the most popular video-sharing platforms – YouTube, Instagram, and Vine.
More importantly, we’ll look at how you can turn that online presence into an effective event marketing strategy, complete with examples and links to big events that found massive success in video marketing.

Sound good?
Down our ultimate, 47 page guide to video marketing for events.

Source: Eventbrite

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