How Google and Others Succeed with OKRs

Objectives and key results (OKRs) is a popular method for setting and tracking goals. First developed in the 1970s by the late Andy Grove in Intel, it’s now increasingly popular and used not only in big companies like Google, LinkedIn and Twitter but in many SMEs as well. OKRs can be used in any company, … Read more

How Business Fits Into the Puzzle of Human Psychology

“Are your emotions preventing you from getting into opportunities?” Chris Haddon and Jason Balin, co-founders of Columbia, M.D.-based lending and real estate companies Hard Money Bankers and REI 360, pose this question among others. Both the lending and real estate markets demand quick decision-making. Often, these quick decisions are too heavily influenced by emotion, so human psychology and business are the topic of today’s video. Haddon and Balin discuss the … Read more